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About us

Tala Dairy Production is a private company operating in the field of supplying, processing, producing, distributing and selling dairy products and doing the related activities in Kabul. The company started its activity in Afghanistan in the month of Qaws 1393 (2014), with license number D-66927 of the Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA).

Tala was founded by a number of committed and patriotic individuals as a joint stock company. The purpose of this company is to produce dairy products in a standardized and natural way, and does its best for the country’s self-sufficiency in dairy production sector. Tala is among companies that have obtained international certificates such as ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 90001: 2015 and HACCP certification in dairy industry.

Tala has given priority and assistance to needy and destitute families through direct and indirect work, and has played a significant role in labor market in Afghanistan.

Since its establishment, Tala has provided job opportunities for more than 1,000 people, including men and women, through direct employment in the company, distribution of mobile refrigerators for shopkeepers and purchase of milk from farmers.

The company has been able to cover 500 families directly in the provinces of Kabul, Maidan Wardak and Logar through the value chain.

Tala’s production capacity

Tala Dairy Production Company started its business in 1393 with the investment of 25 lakhs (2.5 million AF) Afghanis and a daily production capacity of 150 liters per day in Kabul.

In 1394 (2015), the company increased its production capacity to 500 liters per day by obtaining a loan of one million Afghanis from Agha Khan and 11 lakhs Afghanis through the NRD / GIZ program.

In 1396, with the support of RADP-E program and an extra investment of $ 42,000, Tala expanded its production to 1,500 liters per day. Tala has recently received HACCP certificate with the help of RADP-E too.

It should be noted that 50% of employees of the company, including the company’s vice president, are women.


Tala Dairy Production Company provides agricultural and livestock farmers with short-term training courses to improve the supply of raw materials and how to protect and care for dairy cows, sheep and goats.

Tala provides students and researchers with necessary facilities to launch research programs. It will also provide dairy products in Kabul and other neighboring provinces and if needed to all over the country.

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