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Tala Diary 

About Tala Dairy

Tala Dairy Production is a private company operating in the field of supplying, processing, producing, distributing and selling dairy products and related activities in Kabul. The company started its activity in Afghanistan in the month of Qaws 1393 (2014), with license number D-66927 of Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA).

The company was founded by some committed and patriotic individuals.

Why Tala Dairy Products?

Bone strength

Using healthy dairy products, you can get the calcium needed to strengthen your bones.

No additives

Tala is one of the first dairy production companies in Afghanistan to provide quality dairy products to its fellow citizens because preservatives and other extraneous substances are very dangerous for human’s body.

Health and wellness

You can ensure of your health and longevity using healthy dairy products, so Tala can help you in this regard.

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